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The PRP - platelet rich plasma is a blood-derived product, characterized by high concentration of growth factors . The Platelet-Rich Plasma , English word from which the acronym PRP, is used for therapeutic purposes, for its unique ability to stimulate and facilitate tissue regeneration , in different medical areas ranging from orthopedics to plastic surgery.

As the term suggests, Platelet-Rich Plasma with PRP-Tubes is made up of plasma with a higher concentration of platelets than is found in normal blood . It is, in fact, a completely natural blood-derived substance, which is obtained by centrifugation, after the withdrawal of a limited amount of blood from the patient himself (we speak, in fact, of autologous origin of the PRP: this means that, as in transfusions blood or other methods, donor and recipient are the same person).


Treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) normally involves one or more infiltrations in the affected site.

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